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CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant

Are you tired of working in a Nursing Home? How would you like the patient-to-caregiver ratio to be 1:3? How would you like to NEVER have State inspections? How would you like to have a laid-back, work at your own pace work day in a beautiful home setting? How would you like to save on gas by driving to work one time your whole shift?

At House of Three we have all of that! Plus much more!

We offer competitive pay (starting at $14/hour) and all the other offerings a larger corporation has, but less stress!

Our caregivers stay for at least a 24-hour shift where they sleep in their own room at night. Our full-time caregivers work 2.5 days in a row so that means one trip to work then one trip home which means a major gas savings!

If you can stay OVERNIGHT and are a CERTIFIED NURSES AIDE we invite you to join our amazing team!


  • Health insurance

  • Paid time off

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Referral program

We are seeking part-time and full-time positions.

Click on the "contact" button below that matches the city in which you are seeking employment. You will be directed to the facilitator's email and may upload your resume for review.

“After the memory unit my husband had been in for five months told me that he would have to be discharged due to his disruptive behaviors, I did not know what to do. I knew I could no longer take care of my husband’s advanced dementia in our home. A friend told me about the Lyric House of Three in Little Rock.  As soon as I entered the house, I felt at peace and hoped they could accept my spouse of 49 years. The quiet home environment and his ability to rest when HE needed immediately allowed him to become more relaxed. Because just a handful of caregivers provide the care of my husband’s needs, they learned how to best approach and provide what is both comfortable and best for him. My prayers were answered by The House of Three.” 

Cheryl Jerrells

Hot Springs, AR 

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